Christmas in Europe 2001

This time of year brings back so many wonderful memories of the 26 holiday seasons that I have shared with friends and family. One special travel memory for me is the Christmas of 2001 when I was studying abroad in Salzburg, Austria. It was the first holiday season away from my family, but my best friend and fiancé, Randal, came to spend winter break with me. We traveled all over the continent – we had three weeks and two rail passes.

Our itinerary: London, Brussels, Paris, Bacharach in the German Rhineland for Christmas, Heidelberg, Venice, Salzburg, Munich.

This was the big trip that launched Randal Lee Photography. Randy brought his Mamiya medium format camera and captured fabulous street scenes and cityscapes. We photographed the Tower Bridge, Eifel Tower, and St. Mark’s Square. Even more special to us, though, are the photos of Bacharach where we spent Christmas at a tiny pension.

We packed cheese, fruit and pastries from Paris for our Christmas meal. The friendly older lady who owned the pension brought us extra down comforters to keep warm and cozy in the December weather. We hiked up to the castle on Christmas day and smelled the holiday dinners as families gathered. We both missed our own families and feasts. We called our loved ones later in the evening and wished them a Merry Christmas. We had the times of our lives; it was a most memorable Christmas.

Christmastime is a wonderful time of year to remember the birth of Christ and to spend time with the people who are close to our hearts.

Happy Holidays,
Ashley and Randal Lee

Bacharach Christmas 2001

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