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Travel Plans: Yellowstone 2008

Posted in Travel on December 28th, 2007 by Ashley

Randal and I are planning a Roadie for Summer 2008! We will join the hordes of tourists who like to feed the bears and watch Old Faithful at Yellowstone Park and then spend a few days in the shadow of the Grand Tetons in Jackson, Wyoming.

“Hey, Hey Booboo, how about another pic-a-nic basket?”

Yogi Bear

Favorite Travel Memories

Posted in Travel on December 28th, 2007 by Ashley

Randal and I were talking about our favorite travel memories the other day. We realized that most of our favorite memories center on eating, but that’s all the more reason to travel! Here’s a list of some of our memorable travel experiences:

  1. Eating Lemon Tarts in Paris
  2. Riding Scooters in Greece
  3. Exploring the winding streets of Venice
  4. Scouring the beach for seashells in Baja Sur, Mexico
  5. Floating in the salty waters of the Aegean Sea during the Blue Voyage in Turkey
  6. Eating the World’s Best Gelato in Rome
  7. Shopping and eating in the markets of Provence
  8. Hiking between the villages of Cinque Terre - and feasting on focaccia for lunch
  9. Joining impromptu street parades during Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico
  10. People Watching – anytime, anyplace
  11. Hoofing the streets of New York City
  12. Fighting with snowballs in Salzburg, Austria

Of course our list is always changing as we travel to new destinations and remember past trips. We keep journals and take photos of all our travels so that when we are at home we can think about the many rich experiences we have gained.

Venice CourtyardCinque TerreRandal on Blue Voyage