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Naxos, Greece

Posted in Travel on February 28th, 2007 by Ashley

Naxos, Greece: May 17-19, 2006

Randal and I visited the island of Naxos, Greece last spring with my parents. Here is an excerpt from my travel journal:


Whew – almost missed the ferry! Our taxi driver in Athens thought we were going to the airport, thankfully Randal noticed we were going in the direction of the airport 30 minutes into the drive. We made the ferry with about 3 minutes to spare.

Dimitris from Hotel Grotta picked us up at the Port in Naxos after the 5 hour ferry trip. We loved the family-run hotel. They greeted us with citron liqueur upon arrival. Whoa Nelly. I fed mine to the wall. We enjoyed sea views and a tasty breakfast every morning.

We ate at O, Apostilos below the “Market Street” near the castle. It was tasty. Fish is more prevalent on the island tavern menus. We ate salad, tzatziki, calamari, fava beans, peppered pork steak, and fresh grilled fish. After dinner we headed up to the castle for traditional music and dancing. I recommend these shows, they start at sunset.

The next day was Scooter Day! We rented from a nice Greek guy in overalls. He was a little worried about our lack of experience, but that wasn’t stopping me! It was 10 euro well spent! Mum was not quite the biker mama and trader her scooter for the backseat of dad’s blue scooter. We zipped around the island and up to the mountain villages. We saw an ancient stone/marble quarry. We picked a quiet village for lunch and ate salads, potatoes, skewered meats on a beautiful deck overlooking the mountains. Scooter Day was terribly fun, except for the allergies. Mom’s eyes swelled up and I was sneezing like a lunatic. Maybe next time, I will come in September to avoid the grasses and weeds!

Our stay in Naxos was short; we caught a ferry to Santorini after two nights. We left with some of the island’s olive oil and spices for our Santorini kitchen. We loved Naxos and I would definitely recommend a visit!